The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress

Chapter 219

Daniel had already half fallen out of the garden, with only his eager backside remaining inside.

Chloe couldn't take it anymore and directly stepped forward to kick him out.

A dull thud came from the other side, the sound of Daniel's body hitting the ground.

Surprisingly, he didn't curse loudly, but instead rolled over, stood up, and happily said:

"Thank you!"

Qin Huaibei put his palm to his forehead, muttering:

"Damn, this idiot."

Seeing that Daniel was about to run off joyfully like a galloping wild horse, everyone had no choice but to climb over the wall and run out after him.

"Where do you want to go play?" Chloe asked after landing on the ground.

Daniel thought carefully for a moment, then said: "What does your Vampire marketplace look like?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Chloe knew what he was thinking. She immediately walked forward, not looking back as she said: "Follow me."

Daniel was the first to happily follow, turning his head back to boast to the other companions:UppTodat𝒆d fr𝒐m nô/v/e/lb(i)n.c(o)/m

"Look, see how well Chloe understands me."

Qin Huaibei rolled his eyes, ignoring him.

Katherine calmly looked away and sincerely said: "Stupid wolf."

Their destination was the most prosperous central shopping mall in the Vampire King City.

A building dozens of stories tall, with a banquet hall on the top floor specifically for the rich and nobility, looked like a sky garden from the outside, exceptionally luxurious and magnificent.

As soon as they entered, everyone was dazzled by the overwhelming opulence.

Qin Huaibei mumbled: "Is this the scale a mall should have?"

Chloe looked at him: "Yes."

"After all, Vampires lack everything except money."

From top to bottom, whether nobles or commoners, all Vampires lived very well, and none of them lacked money.

Looking at the dazzling array of obviously expensive goods in the mall, Qin Huaibei's eyes gleamed with greed: "Dear Miss Chloe, are you treating us to today's expenses?"

This sudden switch to respectful language made Chloe laugh for a moment.

She waved her hand: "I'll pay, feel free to shop."

As soon as she finished speaking, Qin Huaibei and Daniel each ran off in different directions, disappearing from sight.

After a while, only Katherine was left by Chloe's side.

The other two had truly waved goodbye without a backward glance.

Chloe and Katherine looked at each other helplessly for a moment, then resignedly opened their terminals and transferred a huge sum of money to both Qin Huaibei and Daniel. Afterward, they began to browse around with Katherine.

Each floor of this mall had a different theme, with the ground floor being the place for selling gold and jewelry.

Chloe looked around, initially uninterested, until she turned her head and saw Katherine, who was dressed plainly from head to toe.

Her eyes instantly became greedy.

Like a wolf eyeing a juicy piece of meat.

Under this gaze, Katherine unconsciously took a few steps back, carefully asking:

"Why... why are you looking at me like that?"

Hearing the question, Chloe just smiled mysteriously without speaking, then walked to the display case of a gold and jewelry store and began to carefully select items.

From a young age, Chloe had been arranged to take etiquette classes and jewelry appraisal courses necessary for nobility, as well as courses specifically to cultivate aesthetic appreciation. She could be said to be well-rounded in morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics, and labor.

Yes, our Chloe, who would flop on the ground when tired, drink water frantically when thirsty, eat and drink voraciously, and appear completely lacking in decorum at first glance, had actually been learning how to be a lady since childhood.

Although not very useful, Chloe had studied seriously.

For instance, in jewelry appraisal now, Chloe's discerning taste led her to choose a pair of jade green teardrop-shaped earrings among the array of flashy accessories.

A smooth, polished gold rim encased a teardrop-shaped jade, its color deep and rich.

It was like an old-world beauty, full of stories, gradually fading in the thick river of time, quietly reading by the window on a warm, sunny afternoon.

At first glance, Chloe was captivated.

So beautiful, perfect for Katherine.

Without a second thought, Chloe bought the earrings and then hurried to put them on Katherine.

Although she didn't know what had gotten into Chloe, Katherine obediently stood still and let Chloe put the earrings on her.

The Elf Race princess had her ears pierced from a very young age.

After putting on these jade earrings, Katherine's cool, beautiful face became even more stunning.

Chloe saw this and couldn't help but sigh in admiration. Before Katherine could say anything else, she quickly immersed herself in the next jewelry store.

Katherine tried to speak several times, but was always subtly prevented by Chloe.

As time went on, Katherine learned to keep quiet and docilely let Chloe dress her up.

What else could she do? It's not like she was losing out.

Half an hour later, the four youngsters finally met up again.

Daniel, arms full of bags of food and weapons, almost dropped his jaw on the ground the moment he saw Katherine.

He ran over like the wind, loudly praising:

"Hey! You look so beautiful dressed like this! Just like a goddess descended from heaven!"

Hearing this, Katherine somewhat uncomfortably touched her arm, then smiled gently.

Qin Huaibei's focus, however, was quite different from Daniel's.

He stared wide-eyed, counting from Katherine's head to her ankles, looking at the dazzling array of jewelry adorning her, his eyes green with envy.

He instantly felt that the things in his hands were no longer appealing.

Qin Huaibei complained about Chloe's favoritism while handing her the large ice cream he had bought.

After a bit of fuss, they continued to walk up to the upper floors of the mall.

Just as they were debating whether to go to the amusement area or the shopping area, a series of hurried footsteps suddenly came from behind.

Chloe's ears twitched, and she immediately turned around alertly.

She immediately saw an ordinary-looking, somewhat elderly woman rushing over.

Upon seeing Chloe, the woman's eyes lit up, and she anxiously grasped Chloe's hand:

"Little one, you've come at just the right time. Do you know where the mall elevator is?"


Chloe, with the ice cream spoon in her mouth, thought for a moment, then pointed in a direction:

"There, go straight ahead, take the first left at the fork."

Hearing this, the woman hurriedly expressed her gratitude, then spoke up again:

"Well, you see, little one, my legs aren't in the best shape. Would you be able to escort me over there?"

As she spoke, she bashfully tried to hide her lame leg behind her, letting out an awkward chuckle.

Upon hearing this, Chloe paused mid-lick of her ice cream, her gaze lingering on the woman for a moment, as if appraising her.

The woman, feeling uncomfortable under this scrutiny, immediately began to backtrack:

"Well... perhaps I should just..."

"No problem," Chloe interjected suddenly.

She stepped forward and gently took the elderly woman's arm:

"Come with me, ma'am. I promise to get you safely to the elevator."

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