The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth

Chapter 238

Ye Jin nodded as well: "That's right, we don't need to be formal with sister."

Liu Lingxiao held up one finger: "Wrong. It's not 'we', it's Yan Yan who doesn't need to be formal with me. You should still be polite."

Ye Jin: "...Tch!"

Xu Yan smiled, her eyes curving: "Then thank you, sister!"

Xu Mo rested his chin on his hand, watching them: "Yan, if you want anything, your brother can buy it for you too."

Xu Yan cupped her face, tilting her head in thought. Liu Lingxiao fiddled with her phone, her usually cold gaze softening a bit.

At that moment, her phone suddenly vibrated. Liu Lingxiao casually swiped it open and tapped on the message.

"Ye Jin is getting married? Should I send them a wedding gift?" A particularly gentle male voice came from the phone.

The gazes of Ye Jin and the other two instantly focused on Liu Lingxiao. They saw her calmly reply: "No need. Not attending his wedding would be the greatest blessing you could give him."

Ye Jin and Xu Yan exchanged a glance. He suddenly risked his life by snatching Liu Lingxiao's phone, quickly sending a voice message: "Brother Gu, if you really want to send something, I've had my eye on that black jade in your possession for a long time. How about you give that jade to my Yan Yan when the time comes?"

After saying this, he swiftly returned the phone to Liu Lingxiao.

Liu Lingxiao's face darkened. She put one foot on the chair: "Ye Jin! Do you have a death wish?"

Ye Jin coughed dryly: "Sis, I want that jade to protect Yan Yan."

Liu Lingxiao's face darkened even more: "What's so good about that thing? If you really wanted it, you could have told me. Wouldn't it be better if I went to fight Gu Qinghuai and snatched it? Why give it as a gift?"

Ye Jin rubbed his nose, not daring to make a sound.

Xu Yan timidly said: "Sister, then... can Ye Jin talk to that gentleman again?"

Liu Lingxiao looked at Xu Yan, suddenly reaching out to ruffle her face: "Yan Yan, you don't need to worry about these things."

Xu Mo, enjoying the spectacle, added fuel to the fire: "Miss Liu, it seems that gentleman has replied."

Liu Lingxiao irritably opened Gu Qinghuai's message. They heard the previously gentle voice instantly become less so: "Alright, what's the exact date of your wedding? I'll come over now."

Liu Lingxiao glared at Ye Jin, then replied coldly: "Are you that close with Ye Jin? Why come so early?"

Gu Qinghuai's voice seemed to carry a hint of amusement: "I'm close with you. We've known each other longer than Ye Jin's age. Don't be so distant."

Liu Lingxiao's mouth twitched. Her expression unchanged, she swiftly blocked Gu Qinghuai.

Xu Mo looked shocked: "This... so there are so many abnormal people?"

Ye Jin didn't dare say that he wasn't even human. He laughed dryly and explained: "It's not really like that. It's just that my sister is quite powerful, so she has a lot of influence in that circle. Of course, that man just now is also quite powerful."

However, this "quite powerful" and "also quite powerful" were actually equivalent to "most powerful."Gแบนtt the l๐’‚test ๐’๐’v๐’†ls at ๐’.o/(v)/e/l/bi๐’(.)co๐’Ž

Xu Mo exchanged a bewildered glance with Xu Yan. He patted Xu Yan's shoulder: "Yan, it seems like you've latched onto a big shot."

Xu Yan looked confused. She blinked her eyes at Liu Lingxiao: "Sister, please take care of me."

Liu Lingxiao's face wasn't as dark anymore. She put her arm around Xu Yan's neck: "Sure thing."

Ye Jin looked puzzled: "Yan Yan, shouldn't you be saying that to me?"

Liu Lingxiao glanced at him coldly: "Do you have any objections?"

Ye Jin, who had just tricked his sister: "...No."

He truly didn't dare to have any.

At this time, there was still over a month until Ye Jin and Xu Yan's wedding, but when there was only half a month left, the tavern welcomed a new tenant.

Ye Jin had just come downstairs when he saw a man in a white shirt, as gentle as jade, standing in the center of the hall.

He raised an eyebrow: "Brother Gu? You've come so early?"

Gu Qinghuai smiled politely: "Where's your sister?"

Ye Jin smiled meaningfully: "This won't do... you've been pursuing my sister for so many years, and she still hasn't realized you like her."

Gu Qinghuai's expression remained unchanged: "Is she sleeping upstairs?"

Ye Jin pulled up a chair and sat down: "Yeah, there are still empty rooms upstairs. Want to stay?"

Gu Qinghuai had long seen through Ye Jin's tricks: "Conditions?"

Ye Jin poured him a cup of tea: "That jade we mentioned before. I haven't thought of anything else, we'll owe you for now."

Gu Qinghuai was exceptionally agreeable: "Alright."

Ye Jin simply took out a bottle of wine and placed it in front of him: "She doesn't wake up this early. Have some wine first. Just remember to pay the bill later."

Gu Qinghuai tugged at the corner of his mouth: "How many times are you going to raise the price this time?"

Ye Jin got a bit serious: "Do I look like that kind of person?" He smiled, "I'm in a good mood recently, I won't charge you extra."

Gu Qinghuai poured him a glass of wine: "Congratulations."

With fewer things to do recently, Ye Jin was quite relaxed. He simply sat down and started drinking properly with Gu Qinghuai.

However, when Liu Lingxiao came downstairs at noon and saw the situation, she beat him up.

The real spectacle occurred on the day of Ye Jin and Xu Yan's wedding.

Xu Yan, wearing a pristine white wedding dress, sat obediently in her own home, in her own room.

Since Xu Yan didn't have many close friends, Liu Lingxiao came directly to Xu Yan's house to keep her company.

Liu Lingxiao, wearing a light blue long dress, looked at the few bridesmaids arranged by Xu Yi in the room. She couldn't help but smile: "Yan Yan, are you especially happy today?"

Xu Yan sat on the bed and said softly: "Sister, I'm actually a bit nervous."

Bai Hua walked in carrying a plate of small desserts: "Yan, do you want to eat something?"

Xu Yan hesitated a bit: "Is that okay?"

Liu Lingxiao reached out and pushed her veil to the side: "If you're hungry, eat. Getting married isn't about torturing yourself."

Xu Yan instantly felt relieved. She took off her white gloves and started eating contentedly.

Bai Hua didn't forget to remind her: "Eat slowly, don't eat off your lipstick."

Liu Lingxiao, who looked to be in her twenties, tossed her brown hair and sat down in a nearby chair: "Why haven't Ye Jin and the others arrived yet?"

Bai Hua wasn't worried: "They're setting off from the villa in the suburbs this time, so it'll definitely take longer."

Liu Lingxiao and Bai Hua got along quite well. They chatted casually, which left Xu Yan a bit confused.

With her cheeks puffed out from the snacks she was eating, Xu Yan asked, "Mom, why do other girls' parents cry when they get married?"

Bai Hua gently smoothed her daughter's hair and replied, "I suppose it's because they're reluctant to let their daughters go."

Xu Yan pondered for a moment before asking, "Mom, won't you be reluctant to let me go?"

Bai Hua looked puzzled. "After you get married, won't you be living in the tavern? It's just across the street from our house, not even as far as your dad's company. What's there to be reluctant about?"

Xu Yan could only respond with a resigned, "...Alright then!"

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