I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With

Chapter 388:

Chapter 388:

~South Korea, Seoul, a villa next to a university~

"Phew…I'm tired."

After a long day of work, I returned to my dorm room, washed up, and sat down on my bed.

With so many things to do these days, the day goes by so quickly.

Normally, after a long day like this, I would fall asleep reading my favorite manga, which I have almost memorized.

…Today, I was so tired, I decided to just sleep.

I'll see what I have to do tomorrow…

‘Senior Da-in, you have to come.'

I'll have to stop by there tomorrow…

I smirked at the thought and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I felt as if my body had become heavier and then I seemed to have a strange dream.

‘I'm …….Please. Here……Hey!'

‘…The boat! Senior! No…'

‘…Hey! …Ah.'

After waking up.

"….What is it?"

Feeling a little heavier, I stood up.

Something's giving me a headache.



…I find myself waking up in an empty, white space.

What the hell, where am I, I surely slept in my own bed the night before?

As I was looking around, questioning my surroundings I realized that there was someone standing in front of me, looking at me.

"…Who are you?"

Standing a few feet away from me was a slender, blonde woman, dressed in a white cloth, smiling at me.

"…Hello, my child."

It was my first meeting with the Star God.


"…What is it, Da-in?"

I was lost in the past for a moment, but Seo-Eun's question brought me back to reality.

Everyone was sitting in the living room, facing me, because I had called them all together to tell them something important today.

Starting with Soobin, who was standing on one side and looking at me worriedly, Choi Se-hee and Seo Ja-young sitting in the living room watching me, Ha-yul sitting in front of me, and Seo-eun and Eun-woo sitting right next to me, looking at me.

…and from the other side of the living room, Shinryong, who's leaning back and watching me silently, and Mr. Desik, who's standing there in his apron.

All of the members of the Egostream were here, except for Ariel, who was still being held by Atlas, and Halo, who was sealed away just in case.

They were all looking at me, waiting for me to say something.

And so, I looked at each and every one of them.

Quietly, I chose my words.

‘…Any moment now, the Sun God will pronounce his judgment.’

To avoid confusion at that time, it would be fitting to inform my own family.

And considering how chaotic and hectic things will be after the declaration of destruction, and what might happen in the final battle.

‘…Now would be a good time to tell them my truth.’

I thought silently to myself.

My secret. That I was from another world, and that I had been given powers by the God of the Stars.

To clear up any doubts they may have had about me here and now, so that we can move forward as one, united. I was going to say all of this


Honestly, it's an excuse…


Because after the battle, I might not be around to tell them.

It would break my heart to have them go through life forever in the dark.

I don't want to keep any more secrets from my fellow Egostreamers.

I'm going to tell them the whole truth, right here, right now.

…But the thing is, I know I'm going to be looked at like a lunatic for saying it.

But I'll tell it anyway.

With that, I coughed.

I looked everyone in the eye, and opened my mouth.

"Everyone, I have something to tell you. It's about me."Reêad latest 𝒏ov𝒆ls at n𝒐𝒐v/e/l/bi𝒏(.)com

I wonder if they realized I was being very serious.

Everyone was quiet, listening to me.

…Hmm. That's a little overwhelming.

I closed my eyes for a moment, then opened them again and dropped the bombshell.

"I'm from another world, actually."

"I've been ordered by my god to save this world."


I said it, and waited for their next reaction.

It was probably something like, "…what?" or "Hey, Da-in. Did you hit your head somewhere…?" I already knew what to expect, so I had a few more convincing words in my back pocket.

When I was silently waiting for everyone's reaction.

"…I guess."


"I thought it would be something along those lines."

In front of me, Soobin nodded as she said that.

…Wait, she's taking it so casually?

The others' reactions weren't much different.

"That being said…That explains everything you've been showing. It's like you just knew everything."

Seo-eun convinced herself with that explanation.

"It's embarrassing, but…but I'm not surprised. You wouldn't lie to me like that."

Choi Se-hee nods in agreement.

"A savior sent by God from another world…Da-in, are you Jesus?"

Even Seo Ja-young is joking around in this situation.

When I looked in her direction in bewilderment, she looked at me with a genuine curiosity in her eyes and asked.

"But if it's another world, are there are dinosaurs or something?"


I sighed with a smirk, unwillingly relaxing after hearing that.

…Apparently, it was going to be a long story.


And so, ever since then, I explained how I came to this world.

Naturally, I didn't say anything about this world being a story from a manga I read or anything like that. It wouldn't help, and it would only confuse them. I didn't think I would feel particularly good about being told that the world I lived in was a comic book world…

Anyway, instead, I explained how I came to be in this world.

I used to live in a world where there were no heroes or villains or anything like that, but it was very similar to this one.

I woke up one day, and suddenly I met Star God and was told to save the world, and I fell into this world.

…That's how I ended up here, with powers and ‘knowledge' from the god, or so I explained then I cut right to the chase, the real reason I said this.

"Soon, God is going to destroy this world."


Maybe I shouldn't be so cryptic this time, and just start at the beginning.

With that thought, I jumped up from the couch and walked over to the window.

Under everyone's gaze, I took out the marker I had prepared and began to write on the surface.

"In this world, there are three gods."

I said.

They didn't seem too surprised, as I had already announced the existence of God many times before.

So I began to describe the three gods in more detail.

Hellios, the sun god.

Ărlūna, the moon god.

Sīdus, the god of the stars.

The three gods who created this world.

"In the distant past, they ruled the world."

Helios gave people special powers.

Ărlūna gave people magic.

Sīdus, gave love to all.

"…But this didn't last long, for there was a feud among the gods."

Perhaps because the Sun God wanted to destroy all humans.

…The God of the Stars, who loved humans more than anyone else, stood in his way, and after a long battle, finally succeeded in driving the Sun God away.

Even here on Earth, she created a great intangible circle of cognition that separated the world from them.

The result,

Helios was banished to the Otherworld.

Ărlūna, the Moon God, who was said to be neutral from the beginning, soon left for his own world.

Sīdus, the god of the stars, who was gravely wounded in a confrontation with the sun god, disappeared.

And now.

"…So, the Sun God is coming to destroy the world again?"


"But…Then how are we going to stop him? He's a god, and he's coming to destroy us himself…"

Seo-eun said that with a worried expression.

I chuckled and said to her.

"Don't worry too much. God can't use his full power here."

To be clear, God's body cannot directly descend into this world. They can only come in human form, in the form of an incarnation. They're on different planes.

And Helios would be greatly weakened by his battle with the Star God… The Star God has placed barriers in this dimension.

"There is only one chosen one who can fight the Sun God himself and stop him."

I started to say, but stopped myself.

The one chosen to fight and defeat the Sun God, that's Stardus.

…But should I say her name here? I don't think the members of the Egostream are particularly fond of Stardus…

Still, I can't hide the truth.

I said with a small sigh, worried about the reaction.

"…And it is Stardus, like me, who has been chosen by the God of the Stars to save this world."

And the reaction to these words…was a little different than I expected.



"As expected."

At my mention of Stardus, Choi Se-hee, who had been silent until now, smiled in response.

"I see. So the reason you've cared about Stardus all this time is simply because you need her to save the world?"


No. It's more like she's my favorite.

I didn't say that, of course, and soon the women of Egostream were nodding and coming to their own conclusions.

"Yeah, I guess so. Otherwise, there's no way you'd be interested in a girl like that."

"Yeah. Wasn't that why you were running her fan cafe, to get information…"


After hearing those words, I decided to keep quiet.

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