I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 882: Living in this world is good fortune; who is plotting against me?

Chapter 882: Living in this world is good fortune; who is plotting against me?

For ordinary creatures, this day unfolded as a terrifying catastrophe. The Southern Immortal Realm appeared as if it were swept away, with countless star domains exploding into dust. Even the Immortal Kings sensed a profound unease, prompting other cultivators to hastily flee the Southern Immortal Realm to escape the unstoppable turmoil.

The Dao bodies of the five immortal kings, stationed at the world’s end, trembled across the ages. Still, they could only disintegrate like light rain under the boundless palm, devoid of any possibility of resistance.

Within the Moon King Palace, all the immortal kings felt a chilling realization, comprehending the insurmountable gap between Gu Changge and themselves. It mirrored the terrible distinction between a true immortal and an immortal king, an unbridgeable chasm.

To obliterate an Immortal King, Gu Changge needed to lower his palm, shattering and annihilating all principles and divine powers. However, what astonished them the most was the revelation that the lone surviving Dao body belonged to King Luo.

“It’s a pity that a genius like King Luo emerged in the wrong era,” lamented the onlookers. King Luo burned with the resolve to sacrifice everything, hurtling towards Gu Changge.

Behind him, the universe collapsed, revealing a desolate gray scene where the void fragmented, and an endless mix of chaotic winds blew.

The Central Immortal Domain is truly audacious.

By doing this today, they are only sealing the fate of the entire Central Immortal Realm. King Luo has gone mad.

The immortal kings within the Moon King Palace were startled and shocked. Identifying King Luo suggested the others were closely connected to him. Speaking with gravity, Old Immortal King Gu Xuan noted.

Considering today’s events, the Immortal Domain is on the brink of complete chaos. There are other unknown ancient forces behind King Luo and the others. The vague female phantom and the old man who shot the immortal arrow don’t belong to this era at all.

Moreover, after the phantoms of the five immortal kings exploded, they shattered into a cascade of light, leaving an aftermath of uncertainty.

The older man opted not to linger but decisively turned around and departed. Simultaneously, the colossal and terrifying figure at the end of the universe also pivoted, akin to a blood moon sinking into darkness, ready to vanish.

Their appearance was more of a test. Recognizing the unfavorable situation, they withdrew, showing no intention to stay longer. Gu Changge observed the charging Immortal King, seemingly burning with self-destructive energy, boiling and annihilating the surrounding Dao principles. He remained unmoving, calmly watching from a distance.

At the furthest reaches of the universe, the older man continued to retreat. In the final moments, Gu Changge caught a glimpse of the figure seated on the head of the massive and frightening creature, casting a backward glance. Though vague, the deep-seated hatred in those eyes was palpable.

“Who is that?”

Gu Changge inquired softly. As the figure disappeared, the terrible aura enveloping the end of the universe dissipated.

The older man, wary of pursuit, shot another arrow in Gu Changge’s direction. Gu Changge casually shook her sleeves, making the approaching Immortal King crumble and disappear in a puff of smoke.The Immortal Extinguishing Arrow shattered en route, its Daoism obliterated, rendering it incomplete.

Are they knowingly attempting to delay me and facilitate their escape?

Seems like they’re survivors of the immortal palace. Remnants from the old era.

Gu Changge waving his hand, caught the broken Immortal Arrow. Studying it closely, he gently shook it, causing it to disintegrate into dust that scattered across the sky. He surmised that these individuals hailed from the remnants of the former immortal palace.

After its destruction, descendants persisted, and given the palace’s past prosperity, not all its terrible inhabitants succumbed within its walls.

Though the Immortal Palace was deemed extinct in the eyes of the outside world, its true descendants likely found a sanctuary, multiplying and surviving.

The artifacts used—such as the Immortal Extinguishing Arrow and the Eight Direction Flag of the Immortal Domain—hinted at an inextricable connection with the Immortal Palace. Whether descendants or inheritors, they seemed deeply linked to the ancient institution.

Gu Changge recollected gathering the seven heavenly palm artifacts and condensing the key to the Immortal Palace’s secret treasure when he was in the upper realm.

However, the key was now in Yue Mingkong’s possession. Gu Changge, indifferent to the hidden treasures, had informed Yue Mingkong that she would have a chance to retrieve them.

Shaking his head lightly, Gu Changge turned and returned to the Moon King Mansion. In the aftermath of the unparalleled aura fluctuation of the Immortal King, the Southern Immortal Realm experienced a collective sense of peace.

Countless souls quivered on the ground, unable to withstand the invisible coercion. Though not the true body, the faith-condensed form of the Immortal King possessed overwhelming power capable of destroying a section of the immortal realm.

Approaching with an air of tranquility, Gu Changge inspired fear among the guests in the Moon King Mansion. Despite the Immortal King’s youthful appearance, handsome features, and immortal hair emitting an immortal glow, his hidden aura hinted at a detached refinement.

The Moon King promptly appeared and respectfully greeted him, prompting other immortal kings to follow suit and bow to Gu Changge.

Quasi-immortal king Bai Chuan, witnessing the scene from a distance, opened his mouth in shock and disbelief. Simultaneously, a chilling sensation ran down his spine.

Quasi-immortal king Bai Chuan had intended to test Gu Changge’s strength, initially pleased with the prospect of the five figures examining Gu Changge’s depth and authenticity. However, in an instant, the bodies of the five Immortal Kings crumbled and exploded, revealing an immense disparity.Simultaneously, fear gripped him.

I realized that without revealing his life and death, he might share the same fate as those Dao Bodies.

Walking behind Immortal King Ao Di, Ao Ling observed Gu Changge approaching. Her emotions were far from calm, and though she yearned to speak, she restrained herself. Gu Changge’s gaze briefly swept over Immortal King Ao Di, hesitated on Ao Ling, and then moved away, evidently not remembering her.

This left Ao Ling with a tinge of sadness. Despite having met countless epochs ago, Gu Changge didn’t recall her. Perhaps he never remembered her back then, as she was just a little princess of the Dragon Clan.

Memories faded in the vast expanse of time, and the severed connection of epochs made recollection challenging. In that era, no traces remained, and who would have anticipated her existence in the future?

Standing beside Immortal King Ao Di, Ao Ling chose not to approach Gu Changge. She remained oblivious to the Forbidden Era’s events and did not understand why such calamities occurred. In her memory, Gu Changge was easy-going and gentle. Even her father, who disrespected everything, held immense respect for him, expressing a desire to reach the realm Gu Changge inhabited.

The transformation of such an invincible being into a feared and dreaded monster in later generations puzzled Ao Ling. This creature was now capable of shattering the heavens and breaking the immortal ancient times. Contemplating the situation, she decided to observe and let events unfold.

The current state of the Immortal Realm seemed incomprehensible to her, much like the puzzling appearance of the immortal kings who made a move earlier.

Was their sole purpose to test Gu Changge, even knowing they could not win?Explore new 𝒏ovels on n𝒐velbi𝒏(.)com

“My lord, the Immortal King who made the move just now is from the Central Immortal Realm, and his name is King Luo. The others may also have connections to the Central Immortal Domain,” the Moon King respectfully informed Gu Changge as they reached the Immortal Bamboo Forest. The other Immortal Kings kept their distance, wary of approaching too closely.

The many distant guests watched in awe and shock, understanding that this terrible character could effortlessly obliterate their entire world with a mere palm lift, rendering the Immortal Realm nonexistent.

You’re so young, even younger than us.

Some younger generations of the Immortal King family whispered, their eyes filled with astonishment. This contradicted what they had learned from ancient books, and the heavenly beauties were equally surprised.

The elders beside them, however, silenced them with stern glares, advising against speaking out of turn. The atmosphere in the Immortal Bamboo Forest turned somber as guests realized the ease with which this person could destroy their world.

Gu Changge, observing the crowd’s reactions, took a seat in the pavilion. The Moon King respectfully poured tea and stood beside him.

“You need not fear me; I harbor less malice toward you than you might think,” Gu Changge said casually.

“Throughout the ages, many things have occurred—some are buried in the years, while others linger in the world. Achieving what you have in this life is a rare fortune.”

The nearby Immortal Kings, including Ao Di, Gu Xuan, and Ku Yin, stood with subdued expressions, pondering the implications of Gu Changge’s words. Was he suggesting that their ability to reach this stage and become Immortal Kings was a stroke of good fortune?

Despite Gu Changge assuring them of his lack of malicious intentions, the Immortal Kings refrained from speaking out of turn or posing further questions. The air remained tense, and they dared not overstep their boundaries.

Gu Changge inquired about the absence of an Immortal King from the Central Immortal Realm. With a solemn expression, Moon King reported that no such Immortal King was present. The recent actions of the Central Immortal Realm suggested a reluctance to surrender, exemplified by King Luo’s manifestation of his Dao body.

“The Central Immortal Realm’s territory is vast, with more than nine Immortal Kings on the surface. Some Immortal King families have multiple Immortal Kings guarding their domain,” Moon King explained.

“They consider the Central Immortal Realm their exclusive territory, forbidding anyone to enter, let alone surrender it willingly.”

A snide comment came from an Immortal King of the restricted area of life, expressing delight at the potential conflict between the Central Immortal Domain and Gu Changge. In his view, the Central Immortal Domain’s resistance would result in their demise.

Xue Xiao, an Immortal King resembling a rare ancient beast, declared his willingness to serve Gu Changge and teach the Central Immortal Realm a lesson. His sincerity was evident as he respectfully bowed, offering his allegiance.

Xue Xiao’s decisiveness in surrendering without hesitation surprised the three Immortal Kings from the northern immortal domain.

The changing dynamics among the Immortal Kings indicated that Gu Changge’s presence wasn’t merely for conversation; a larger purpose loomed.

Furthermore, even the Moon King chose to surrender; after all, who else could make her serve tea? Immortal Kings could not be humiliated. The prevailing speculation among them was that Gu Changge might be planning to unify the current Immortal Realm, considering the gathering of Immortal Kings.

“Chi Lian, Ku Yin, Chu Kun… are willing to serve your lord,” the three Immortal Kings declared, choosing to surrender firmly and respectfully.

Gu Changge, appreciating their decision, showed a faint smile. Understanding their knowledge and intentions, he had no intention of making things difficult for them.

The ancient true immortals of the Northern Immortal Realm felt relieved as they observed the three Immortal Kings choosing allegiance, fearing they might face a similar fate to those in the Central Immortal Realm.

Meanwhile, in a vast star field, hundreds of millions of miles from the Southern Immortal Realm, thick fog spread, obscuring the world and dimming the light. A blurry figure standing on an ancient warship expressed confusion about their whereabouts, suspecting the presence of ancient formations or incomplete ruins.

Wang Ziji and the two immortal kings accompanying the Wang family, along with numerous clan members, also found themselves trapped in the fog. Observing the fog dissipate, they were surprised to see the star field regain clarity. An ancient true immortal noted the sudden unease that overcame them.

The figure, surrounded by fragments of the Dao-building expert, stood in the sky, radiating divine light. His face clouded, expressing a sense of foreboding.

He questioned, “Why do I suddenly feel uneasy? Who is plotting against me?” Despite being an Immortal King with a formidable perception, he had never experienced such an overwhelming sense of malice.

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