After Transmigration, She Sold Herself to a Man as a Wife

Chapter 192

Seeing the harmonious interaction of their family, everyone tacitly agreed not to disturb them.

After they finished talking, Ling Yun approached and softly asked, "Little sister, are we going to use these fruits called mangoes to do business with them as well?"

The "them" she referred to was Li Shopkeeper and his associates.

Earlier, while picking fruits, she had overheard Luo Shiyan and the others mentioning that the imperial court didn't have these so-called mangoes yet.

So, this was a unique commodity.

If that was the case, shouldn't it be even more valuable?

Her desire to learn from Luo Ge made her spot the business opportunity.

Hearing this, Luo Ge shook her head, "We can sell these ourselves."

As she spoke, she turned to look at Luo Shiyan, hesitating for a moment before speaking, her fingers fidgeting, "Big brother, if you're interested, we could try this together?"

Being the only one of its kind in the imperial court, it naturally should be placed at the very top to maximize its benefits.

As business people, as long as it's not illegal or harmful to others, there shouldn't be anything wrong with seeking profit, right?

The Luo Family were originally from the capital city, so they naturally had connections there.

Now that she had accepted the reality of her family, and her relatives weren't the annoying type but rather treated her with genuine sincerity.

So, she couldn't always discuss these money-making methods with her friends and partners while leaving her family on the sidelines to watch.

Just looking at the children in the family, one could see that she liked to be fair.

Yes, she aspired to be a master of fairness.RE𝒂ad updated st𝒐ries at n/𝒐/vel/bin(.)com

"Alright, great!" Hearing that his little sister wanted to do business with him, Luo Shiyan nodded repeatedly in excitement.

But he suddenly paused, as if realizing something, and abruptly turned to look at Luo Ge, his eyes shining brightly.

"Wait... what did you just call me, sister?"

"Say it again, let me hear it again."

Seeing his reaction, Luo Ge coughed lightly and turned to look at Ling Yun, pulling her to sit back down.

"Sister-in-law, let's try the fruit."

She had mustered up the courage to finally call him "big brother," but seeing his reaction, she really couldn't bring herself to say it again in front of him.

Calling her "sister-in-law" should have the same effect, right?

"Oh, sure!" Unlike Luo Shiyan's dumbfounded look, Ling Yun responded brightly to these words.

"Auntie, Mom, please sit here," Little Zhen Heng chimed in, quickly following suit with the new form of address.

"Alright," Luo Ge smiled and nodded at the little one's behavior.

Seeing this, Gu Jinchen brought over the fruit tea that Luo Ge had prepared earlier, pouring some for Lady Qian and her husband.

"Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, please try this fruit tea. It's made by Ge'er using newly dried lemon slices and honey. It tastes wonderful."

As husband and wife are one, his change in address naturally represented Luo Ge's intention as well.

At this moment, hearing Gu Jinchen address them as father-in-law and mother-in-law, Luo Juan and his wife felt indescribably happy and expectant.

It was also the first time they faced this son-in-law, feeling only joy without any bitterness.

"Lemon tea is good for health. Father, Mother, please try it."

And Luo Ge didn't disappoint their expectations, finally uttering the words they had been longing to hear.

"Oh, oh, sure."


The elderly couple responded with smiles, their eyes welling up with tears as they smiled.

Drinking the fruit tea in their hands, they felt the sweetness seep into their hearts.

The others around, seeing this scene, all broke into smiles.

The slow-to-react Luo Shiyan also started grinning.

Although Luo Ge and the others didn't make a big production of it, simply changing their form of address in this very ordinary, casual way of interaction.

But it was enough to satisfy them.

They were very, very happy.


After returning from the estate, Luo Ge and her siblings began to discuss the mango business.

"Sister, I wonder how long these fruits can be stored after being picked."

"About seven to fifteen days. The riper ones won't last as long, while the less ripe ones can be stored longer. If we use ice for preservation, they can be stored even longer."

Hearing Luo Shiyan's question, Luo Ge thought for a moment before answering.

Because this batch of fruit trees was planted at different times, the fruits also ripened gradually.

Now, many trees were bearing fruit, but only a small portion was fully ripe and ready to eat, while the rest still needed some time.

"Fifteen days, that's enough time for water transport. I have connections for ships, and I also know how to get ice blocks. Mother taught me about this before.

If you trust me, sister, you can leave this matter entirely to me to handle."

This was the first time his sister had sought his help, so he had to make sure everything was taken care of perfectly!

Seeing Luo Shiyan's confident expression, Luo Ge didn't refuse and nodded with a smile.


... True to his word, after discussing with Luo Ge, Luo Shiyan didn't waste any time. He immediately went out to make arrangements, bringing back a considerable amount of ice blocks that very night.

The next day, he took people to the estate to pick fruits and transport them to the capital city.

After Luo Shiyan left, Luo Ge and the others didn't sit idle either.

They supervised the expansion of the workshop while also asking people to help find a suitable residence.

Since they had plans to go to Ningzhou, they naturally had to arrange for a residence in advance, while also wrapping up and properly handling the affairs here.

Although their parents had said they could just live in the Luo residence when they got to Ningzhou,

She was, after all, a married daughter now, so it was better to make her own arrangements.

They also planned to expand their estate, intending to acquire several more properties.

After all, they now had plenty of tree seedlings, chicks, and ducklings, as well as sufficient funds.

Acquiring more estates seemed like a good idea.

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